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The Evolving Requirements of Today’s Modern Workplace

The US is one of the most rapidly changing labor markets – and unless you are actively hunting for a new job, you may not know much about it. Although we now live in a world where information is instantly available, we can sometimes miss the overall trends because we are constantly being informed of…

How to Get My Consulting Business Past the Start Up Phase

Going through a startup phase is something all small businesses experience. The startup phase is an important point in business growth. It gives you the chance to develop an idea or passion into a functioning and viable career. There will come a point, however, when you outgrow this phase and long-term success means moving on…

5 Business Management Strategies for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, creating and implementing successful business management strategies are key to sustainable growth. There are many aspects to managing your own business, from back-office tasks like handling finances, paying the right taxes, and writing contracts, to staying organized and delivering quality work.  If there’s a particular aspect of management that you…

Why Consultants Should Network with Peers

Networking is an important part of your job as an independent professional. When you run your own business and are responsible for securing your own work, the more high-quality connections you can establish the better.   When thinking about how to build out your network, your first inclination might be to reach out to people in…

How to Get Your First Consulting Client

How to Get Your First Consulting Client (Guide)

Discover the steps you can take to land your first consulting client.

5 Ways to Find Your Ideal Client

Finding new clients isn’t easy, and if a new client doesn’t quite fit the profile of who you want to work with it can take away from the enjoyment you find in your work. In order to grow your business with minimal headaches and frustration, it’s important to find clients who align well with both…


How to Give Yourself a Performance Review

If the words “performance review” spark dread or anxiety, you’re not alone. In the traditional world of work, performance reviews are often time-consuming sessions where employees feel scrutinized or criticized. So, why should you put yourself through this process as an independent professional?   The answer is simple: when done correctly, performance reviews can be a…

How to Start a Part Time Consulting Business

4 Ways to Start a Consulting Business on the Side

There are many benefits to starting a consulting business: flexible hours, unlimited earning potential, the freedom to choose your own clients and projects, and more. These benefits have made this career choice increasingly popular. However, not everyone who is drawn to the prospect of independent consulting may be able, or ready, to dive in with…


7 Tips for Writing a Client Report

Writing a client report is essential for communicating your progress on a project and managing and building positive relationships with clients.   What is a Client Report?  Client reports help you and your client to measure progress, identify any barriers or issues, and ensure that you are working toward the same goals.  Your written client report…

consultant at desk

5 Customer Experience Tips for Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are more in demand than ever. But being sought after for your expertise is just one side of the coin. You also must deliver quality work that meets or exceeds client expectations. Providing fantastic customer experience is a key component to maintaining a steady stream of work.  At its core, customer experience is…

Consultant at work table

Why Is Client Engagement So Important?

Client engagement is an important step in building your business. You may be an expert in your field and great at what you do, but you need clients to keep the doors open. Investing in client engagement not only helps increase sales, build your brand, and strengthen your reputation, it also helps you develop a roster of people…

consultant working at desk

Professional Development for Consultants: 5 Tips for Staying Relevant

As a full-time employee you often have access to classes, coaches, seminars, or learning and development tools from HR to help build skills and credentials. But as an independent contractor, your career development is up to you.   When you’re juggling the roles of CEO, CFO, marketing manager, and HR director, it can be easy to…