A sophisticated job platform enabling effective direct sourcing

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Develop an agile talent strategy

Savvy enterprises are increasingly looking beyond traditional channels of labor procurement and turning to direct engagement of an independent workforce. These forward-thinking organizations are realizing not only financial benefits, but also ROI from quick access to in-demand skills, staffing flexibility, and the ability to create a talent-forward brand to compete in the future of work.

Get the middleman out and focus on the connection

With direct sourcing, managers and programs build a talent brand for the future while saving 30 to 70 percent per engagement by going directly to talent rather than relying on a third-party gatekeeper or intermediary. Execution is simple; 宝博电竞积分排榜 eliminates friction by enabling sourcing, curation, and compliant engagement in a deep job platform built for enterprise organizations.


Adopt a frictionless approach to talent engagement

Access talent

Eliminate compliance

Cost savings of 30 – 70% per engagement

At scale - realize millions in savings annually

Reduced recruiting and onboarding time

Build and nurture known talent for future needs


There’s never been a more flexible way to hire

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Transform the way you engage independent talent

Learn how organizations are enabling a total talent management
approach by creating a program tailor-made for independent talent.

Direct sourcing

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